Why start or bring your business to New Haven?

From quiet, nearby neighborhoods to a bustling downtown scene full of neo-Gothic towers, high-end clothiers, and well-aged dive bars, The City of New Haven is known for its educational institutes, vibrant creative community, tech startups, and renowned restaurants.

As an emerging city that’s steeped in history with a celebrated culture of innovation, the Elm City draws the best people and ideas to its streets. District is proud to call New Haven its home.

Ride Green

Whether traveling downtown under the shade of the green's elms, or to the heights of East Rock Park for a sunset, New Haven is celebrated for its bikeability. Not only do most major roads offer safe bike lanes, scenic trails connect the District Innovation Campus to the city's picturesque parks.

Small City, Big Appetite

The food-capital of Connecticut, New Haven has the most Zagat-rated restaurants in New England outside of Boston. Known for its culinary class, the country's best (a)pizza, and as the birthplace of the hamburger, the Elm City attracts foodies and culinary artists from all over.

Top Talent

Ivies, top state schools, and prestigious private universities such as Yale, the University of Connecticut, Central Connecticut, Quinnipiac and Wesleyan are all in our backyard. District has access to the best and brightest talent coming to Connecticut to study. Our innovation campus will help attract and retain your talent.

The Finer Things

From the famed Shubert Theater and the Yale Art Gallery to the Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven supports a rich culture of history, arts, creativity and music.

Location, Location, Location

New Haven is conveniently located in the middle of New York City (85 miles) and Boston (100 miles). With District's on- and off- access to major highways I-91 and I-95, and Amtrak train lines only minutes away, accessibility is never a problem.


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